Saturday, June 11, 2011


It's been a week since I landed in the Golden State. All I can say far, so great! :) We've been really busy with visiting places, since my brother only stayed for a week. The past few days, we visited different beaches -- Palisades, Malibu, and Sta. Barbara. They were all amazing, very California, I must say. We also met up with relatives and family friends for lunch or dinner, trying out every cuisine possible -- Mexican, Korean, Cuban, American, and Chinese! 

Korean eat-all-you-can grill! I love the seafood and Kobe beef!! :) 

 Coffee along the shores of Malibu

Gassing up the car! 

Drove to Sta. Barbara State Street. God I love that place, I gotta go back!  It was the most laid-back I've ever been to, so far. I just love hanging out at the dock and walking down State Street.

Nothing better than fresh fish & chips for lunch!

Ooohh and lookie what I got! It's a salt & pepper shaker! They even had magnets on their lips. This reminded me so much of my two hotdogs, Kenji & Sabrett. 

My little baby niece, Samantha! Ain't she the cutest?? 

Had drinks over at lucky strike at Sunset Blvd. with Maria, James, and the rest. Fun night! 

...And then sobered up with a good round of hotdogs at Pink's!! I finally got to try it and it was definitely worth the calories.

I finished the Planet Hollywood Hotdog on my own -- aka a huge polish hotdog, bacon, and mushrooms. YUM!! 


For a day in Malibu and Palisades, I chose a breezy & laid back yet bold & chic outfit. 

Maxi dress, Bangles, and Sunnies from Forever 21.
 Necklace from Peace Love Fashion. 
Tote from Longchamp.
Flip flops from Havaianas.


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