Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's all about the Benjamins, Baby!

So, it's midterms week and people in school are trying to save their sanity. I myself has had sleepless nights and cramming moments these past few days. It is beyond wild. Good thing, I love what I'm doing and I have the best people to go crazy with.

So here's what's happening. Tuesday in CAD class, I came in and and to my surprise, we have a pop quiz! We had to make a flawless pattern (by definition a pattern where you can't see where it starts and ends) with a dress form image as standard.

Here's the image that we had to work with:

...and here's what I made out of it. 
The one on the left is the wrong pattern, as you can see it got cut in the middle. The one on the right is the correct one since it's continuous or should I say,  flawless


Fast forward to Thursday, which is today! Mads gave Pat, Rafa and I crazy rings! I love it!! Way, way better than the crazy bands. Here we are posing with our new favorite accessory. 

This me sketching designs for our CAD midterms, due next week. Wait & see ;) 

Here's how we dressed up today! 

Admiring Rafa's Gaga top and Starry socks.

Patricia looking chic as usual.

The highlight of the day, Mads' tire soled shoes from PEDRO!! Aren't they to die for?! 

This would be mine! My stress repellant outfit, casual and comfy.

What I wore: Bangkok top, Seven Jeans, Cotton On Rubi Lace Up Wedges, Forever 21 accessories, Peace Love Fashion Rings, and Crazy Ring from Mads Constantino.

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xx ingrid


  1. aww love what you did!:) and cute rings too! hihi we have that in NBS taft i think?:D

  2. Thanks so much, Ava! :) Yeah, she got it there I think. I'm coming back for more! :) :)