Sunday, March 13, 2011


I'm finally done with my last midterm project--CAD! Right now, I'm in Singapore with my family and whenever we take a break from walking, I work on my midterm project. We have to make our own vector image with a 4-piece collection made of paper draping. As partners, Patricia P & I decided to use newspaper as our theme! I got so excited when I searched for pegs. Here's a few of our inspirations:

Before leaving for Singapore, I took photos of newspaper pages in different ways, sketched four basic croquis, designed 4 outfits and brought them all here! It sucks to be working on them during vacation but I don't have a choice!
Anyway, I ended up with this! The other fabric patterns are not as cohesive and so are the silhouettes but then that's all I could do in 2 days! :] I need more practice in vector illustration, it takes a lot of PATIENCE. I swear. But I'm enjoying it! I wanna be good at it really soon! :) 

I'll enjoy the rest of my vacation, you guys do the same! :) 

xx ingrid

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