Saturday, July 16, 2011

Laidback Friday


For a lazy and sunny Friday afternoon, I opted to wear a completely laidback outfit. It's definitely a comfy one for running errands around the city! 

White distressed V-neck, Bench; Black skirt, H&M; 
Bag, Aranaz; Lace platform heels, Asian Vogue Shop

After running around the city, I went over to my friend, Trina's house, for a send-off dinner with the girls. We bonded over great food from Conti's and Red Wine. 

...And did some shoe shopping -- 21st century style! This is totally candid, I swear! 

That's us with Trina's mom, and missing Ina! 
(L-R Mollie, Laurine, Titit, Me, Tita Marissa, Trina, Gel)

xx ingrid

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  1. I'm following you! I love your style! :)