Sunday, April 17, 2011

Satin Spitfire

I'm totally addicted to the MAC Wonderwoman pieces I got on my recent trip to Singapore! Thank God I made it 'cause both of them were last stock in the make-up counter. In addition to that, they sold like pancakes here in Manila! I'm a huge fan of wonderwoman and MAC, so you could just imagine my excitement!
I got these two. A felt eyeliner and the Satin Spitfire lipstick. I've been using them nonstop! :) 

I love how every Thursday I'm motivated to dress up for school. I decided to do some color blocking today which was inspired by the recent fashion capsule I took with celebrity stylist, Alyanna Martinez. 

Don't you just adore this 4-piece LOVE ring?! I just had to get it when I saw it in Cotton On.

I'm like a box of crayons, don't you think?!

My new favorite pair c/o DAS

My fashion school best bud Patricia Prieto. Love her piled-on necklaces! 
Wearing a pair of DAS too! Great minds.

That's us taking a break from THE final report for our Fashion Marketing class.

Those DAS shoes are TO DIE FOR!!! 

Red H&M Blazer, F21 top, belt & skirt, DAS meeker heels 

Gimme chic points on Chictopia


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  1. great shoes!!! :) where can you purchase them?? they're definitely TO DIE FOR!