Friday, April 15, 2011

Coachella lovin'!

Last weekend was the much awaited Coachella Bazaar! It was such a stressful prep prior to the bazaar since our new collection was still with our new (not to mention, slower than usual) sewer. Good thing, most styles, in little quantity however made it to the bazaar! Thanks to everyone who came, we have so much sold out items already both in the old and new collection. 

What's a bazaar without shopping, right?! I was a good girl this weekend though, I only bought 2 awesome pieces! One was a pair of statement shoes from DAS (my new favorite brand!) 

...and a scarf necklace from Pika-Pika! I'm sooo happy with my new buys. I kept on telling the organizers to come up with another bazaar. It was such a smash success, one of the best I've been to! 

photo by Gio Mauleon

The Peace Love Fashion booth 

 photos by Paulhighness, thanks Paul! :) 

and look who I spotted!! It's the exact replica of my long lost BFF!! Look at their resemblance! I was so happy when he passed by our booth, I felt like Nicky was there. I swear they didn't just look alike, they acted & spoke alike too! Even this guy agreed when I showed Nicky's photo. I miss you Nik! :( :|

So that was Coachella Bazaar and the weekend that was! Congratulations to all the organizers, like I said, it was a smash success! One of the best I've been to! 


Dorothy Perkins Maxi Dress, Peace Love Fashion vest & necklace, Andre Chang heels, Longchamp Bag


xx ingrid


  1. Those shoes rock! How cool, what an exciting event ;)

  2. Giselle & Nettie! Thanks!! Go get a pair of DAS shoes, it's super worth it! :)