Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm a lost kid.

You know those times when you go for something you've been searching for so long, and it feels right...but everything that surrounds it is wrong? Well, that's exactly how I feel now. I think this will be my most melancholic blog post yet. So, if you're not in for some drama, might as well visit again tomorrow. ;)

It's funny 'cause two of my bestest friends gave me the go signal, even for the fact that my gut feeling tells me no. So I went for it anyway. Yesterday, I felt like everything's falling into place and now I feel like everything's falling apart. I literally don't know where to place myself where I'd be happy, everyone would be happy, and no one would get hurt. And then I realized, whatever I do and whatever I decide on, someone will get hurt. I just wish people would be honest when they are asked, because it's really hard to assume that they're okay, and it's even harder to guess how they feel about everything.

The last thing I need is having to guess still, when they were already asked point blank. It's weird 'cause I know how wrong this all is, any way you look at it. You don't always have to hold your head higher than your heart anyway, right?


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