Thursday, February 3, 2011

1, 2, 3...SHOOT!

Sorry for my last dramatic post. I just had to vent it out and bounce back! Now, I'm back in action! 
So yesterday for Fashion Marketing class, we had a shoot in school. We were supposed to create a billboard, a magazine ad, and a store display. I had so much fun shooting with my best friends in school namely, Rafa A., Nicky R., Patricia P., and Guia A. 

Here's a sneak peek! 

 Behind the scenes photos

 Asia doing Pat's make-up

Nicky trying out my fur vest and Andre Chang heels

Since heyrocketgirl is away on a beach trip, Boracay to be specific, I borrowed her infamous floral clogs for the week. It's also Andre Chang x F&H, just like my sky high pair. I love its burst of color! :)

Thanks, Reg! 

What I wore: Forever 21 fringe top + SM bondage skirt + Miss Veronica Bag + Forever 21 accessories + Ze Floral clogs

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  1. i love your shoes ;) hahaha congrats on your shoot :)

  2. your outfit is awesome! loving your shoes forever! the shoot looks amazing :)