Sunday, January 30, 2011


It's been said that we should start the year right. One way to do so is to find to-die-for pieces at bargain prices! These totally made my month, I've been spending the past few months searching for them but all I get to see are rip offs. Thank God for January! :) 

1. Two-tone fur vest
It may be late to own one, but I'm saving it for December. Who cares? I got mine at Dorothy Perkins for Php1,300.00, or roughly US $30.00! Ain't life grand? :) Special thanks to heyrocketgirl for warding off second thoughts, it was the last one! 

Chanel F/W 2010

Rachel Zoe in her fur vest 

2. Sky-high platform heels
This is an Andre Chang x F&H piece (as seen in my previous entry). You wouldn't believe how comfortable this is and a true head-turner piece. I tried wearing it in the mall, people were literally culture-shocked with these babies! All for the low, low price of Php999 or $20

At the F&H show, Philippine Fashion Week. 
(Photo credit:

3. Uber-chic boat shoes
I've been wanting Sperry Topsiders for so long but it's wayyy to pricey. I rarely wear flats, so I just need a go to pair for lazy days. Well, during the Super Sale Bazaar, I found this pair of boat shoes from Renegade Folk and I just had to get it! They're made of real leather and comes in bright, fun colors!  Got them for only Php1,200.00 or $28! 

So there goes my top January buys at very, very low prices. Hoping this would kickoff a year full of bargains and great finds! :) 



  1. loving your january hauls!:) I adore your fur vest and boat shoes!

  2. oh wow, those are awesome finds!

  3. Wow! YOu definitely got amazing stuff! Cannot believe the what you paid for faux fur vest, doesn't matter if it will stand in your closet for a whole year, you couldn't pass on that! ... I died when I saw your sky high heels, heaven!... You were so lucky! xo

  4. LOVE everything you bought babe!!! :D

  5. Thanks everyone! Hope you had your bargain finds this month, too! Let's take advantage of all the end of season sale everywhere!! :D

  6. HI Ingrid!you have a wonderful blog and i admire your style.those shoes are really inlove with you dockside shoes!btw,left you an award on my blog.have a great day,:D