Sunday, October 16, 2011

A very splendid thing

Here's to another school week! I've been juggling work, school, and our brand lately. I'm still adjusting to the stress...I'm getting there! :) 

I chose to wear my hair down, and not brushing it. This is the first time I did this, and it feels great not having to iron or post-shower prep. 


Blazer, HK streets; Top & Jeans, Forever 21; 
Bangles & Floral Mary Janes, Forever 21 

I love the new place near our house. I've been going to Saint's Alp Tea House, aside from their drinks, I really love their homey ambiance. I can literally stay there and work or read a book or just hang out.

Call me a geek, I love how there is a fully booked near my house!!! 


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