Friday, February 25, 2011


So far, it's been 2 months since 3rd term started. I'm really enjoying this term because my classes are mostly merchandising class, sorry I'm not really domesticated so I just can't sew and all that jazz. I have two favorite classes right now--Compute Aided Design or CAD and Fashion Marketing. I enjoy fashion marketing so much to the extent that I've been thinking of making it into a career! Here's some of our activities in class: 

E-flyer homework, I made a Bergdorf Goodman Sale poster featuring the girls of Sex and the City! 

For CAD class, we were asked to design 3 dresses out of specific photoshop brushes given by my teacher. Here's what I came up with. 

...And a quick activity was to make a print out of this white shirt. I made a neon Agyness Deyn shirt. How I wish I could have it printed! 

I came to school wearing an all black ensemble in commemoration of Fashion Thursday's lace theme! I was actually late for class and came in with that big bow on my head. My teacher welcomed me by saying "oh, the bunny rabbit is here!". She's just too cute! :) 

I played with my new adobe lightroom, which I'm currently addicted to right now. So do expect a lot of post-edited photos!  

There's this {new} lens that I just found out about! It's called LENSBABY. A lens for any nikon/canon dSLR that has a small focal point. You have to bend and flex the lens to find your focus---and that is the difficult part but it's very fun to play with! Here's me tinkering with my classmate, Sam's, LensBaby. I.WANT.ONE. But oh well. This will do for now. 

What I wore: Topshop lace top + Forever 21 bondage skirt + Forever 21 Tafetta Bow Headband + Forever 21 Rings + PeaceLoveFashion Necklace + Parisian pumps

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