Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goodbyes are never good.

I'm really big on goodbyes, I hate them so much that I always wanna make the most out of the last few hours. I've been like this ever since but then this time it's different. This goodbye is more painful. 

Yesterday, I said goodbye see you soon to my bestest friend in SoFA, my evil twin, Nicky Roa. He flew back to Cebu yesterday and it seems so surreal. He used to sleepover at my place for weeks straight, and now I don't even know when I'm gonna see him again. He's my partner in every crime, success, evil plot, fashion whatnots, and basically everything else! I'm so gonna miss you everyday. I know you'll make it big someday.  

This is where it all started. Nicky's first night out in Manila, the first time we ever bonded. I just invited him to this random party that I was invited to. We ended up laughing the night away, and we were inseparable since! 

Last night, we threw a despedida party for him at Tomatokick, Katipunan Avenue Extension. I just wanted to gather a few friends and just forget the fact that he's leaving in a few hours. When we got home, I was glad to know that he did have fun! 

God really didn't want tears that night 'cause we were just in time for comedy night! Here's the Cardio Boys with their way to hilarious dance number!  :))

I just have to share with you Nicky's awesome gift. Remember the LOVE wall hanging on Carrie Bradshaw's renovated apartment in the first movie? Well, it's a Paul Smith LOVE TOO handmade tapestry that costs around Php300,000 ($7,142 if I remember correctly). Also seen as my twitter background image. 

Well, he said he couldn't afford to buy me the real thing so he made me one, and it was way, way better! 
The photo didn't even do justice. He drew this with a pen. A PEN! 

I miss you already, Beckyloo. 
Go find your place in this world and rake millions. 

xx ingrid

visit his blog,, for more illustrations and updates :)


  1. I adore the LOVE image and nice last photo!:) the red wall is SO awesome!

  2. :( :( :( i'm with you, i'm sure he'll make it big and rake in millions!!

    btw, super magkamukha na kayo in the last pic :P