Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cravin' for Coachella

For Fashion Thursdays in school, our theme was Coachella! I got really excited to dress up for this theme because it has been a dream of mine to attend the festival. Well, hopefully one day I get to camp out there, and watch those amazing bands. That day shall come SOON! 

I admire the fashion in Coachella mostly because you can see everyone's own persona in dressing up. I especially love the boho frocks, which reminds me of my best friend, Ina. I seriously wanted to raid her closet when I found out about this theme!! Another reason why I got suuuper excited for school, I wanted to look a bit boho for the day, and try something different from my style. 

(photo credit: www.glidgemagazine.com)

The fashion
(photo source: mamasarollingstone.com)

(photo source: sovipzone.blogspot.com)

Here's my rendition of camping out in Coachella. As I've said, I don't own much boho pieces and this probably be the most boho of them all. Still not quite. Hippie boho, I suppose? 

What I wore: Marks & Spencer dress, Forever 21 booties, Anagon Peace Necklace, Forever 21 pendant necklace

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xx ingrid