Saturday, January 1, 2011

December buys

Here is my monthly shopping post, a day overdue!

It's that time of the year when shopping becomes an epidemic. People finally find a reason to give something to someone, or better yet, reward themselves for a good year. Last month, I seriously pulled a Rebecca Bloomwood in Zara!! Good thing I had enough cash with me to pay for the stuff I got.

Here are my fave December buys! Those 2 pairs of booties are from Forever 21. I was hesitating to buy the brogue booties and found myself having a sleepless night. The next day, I came back for it! I got the last pair for my size. Thank God there was still 1 last pair! :]

Last month, I also went on a bondage skirt craze! I bought 3 from SM (in photo) and another 3 from forever 21 (not in photo).

The last photo is a pile stuff I brought home from the wild Forever 21 sale!