Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shanghai Lovin'!

Just recently, my family journeyed to Shanghai for a much needed vacation. To be honest, I was really shocked at how breath taking Shanghai was, certainly beyond words. It wasn't dubbed as Paris of the East for nothing. Because seriously, I felt like I was in Europe!

During trips abroad, I always like to kick it off by going on a day tour on my first day. It might sound dorky to you but a good way to start your trip is by getting to know the history and fun facts about the place you are visiting. The thing about going on a day tour is that you get to go to the must-see places, take photos while you're at it, and at the same time widen your knowledge about the world.!

We went to several places but Bund Street, The Pearl TV Tower, and HuaiHai shopping district are top 3 on my list!

This is Bund Street during the day and at night. Ain't it lovely?

We went up on that second level, and walked on the glass floor. I was really freaked out and nauseous when I first stepped on the glass. I'm sitting on glass, 300 Meters above the ground!!

I was too happy in HuaiHai Road that I didn't get to take photos! But here's another favorite of mine... THE LIGHTS! :)

That's it for now! Oh, please do hype my look :)

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