Friday, November 26, 2010

A lot like Christmas

I went to Rockwell with my classmates from SoFA, to complete a task for school. Anyway, we did otherwise and decided to shop instead! Well, we looked around at least. I noticed that yes, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go! This year, however my friend Nicky and I have started to become cynical about Christmas. We decided that it's a tacky excuse to be optimistic, and a marketing strategy for consumers to hoard stuff. HAHA. Year after year we celebrate Christmas and there's really  nothing new about it, unlike Halloween you get to change your costume every year. ;)

Here are my friends, Patricia, Guia, and Nicky lounging around Rockwell.

I was in the mood for an edgy rocker vibe that day so I pulled into my trusty rocker jacket and rocker heels. These heels are comfy enough to wear to a trip to the mall! I love 'em :)  Photo by Patricia Prieto

What I wore: Pleather jacket from Bugis Market, Singapore; Topshop YEAH! top, and Parisian Heels.


  1. i love the pleather jacket.. so cute.. and lovely outfit btw.. :)keep it up..

  2. Thanks, dear! Thanks for following, too! :]