Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fashion Forecast

I attended the Pinagayon Fashion Forecast last week, basically it's a fashion show featuring the Philippine's 10 most promising designers using one fabric: PINYA. Well you would think that this fabric has a very limited use, and not to mention not suitable for modern designs. Well, this show will prove you wrong. The pinya fabric has endless possibilities! FILIPINO PRIDE! ;)

Although the show was half an hour late, it was worth the wait!

Top to bottom:
1. Veluz Puno-Reyes
2. Mitch Dulce
3. Louis Claparols
4. Frederick Peralta

We all just came straight from school, no time for changing. I just traded my blue Parisian flats to my H&M sky high heels and messed up my hair a bit. It's also animal print day in SoFA, thus the top! 

What I wore: Zara Top, H&M belt, Bangkok market skirt, Parisian flats/H&M heels, Mango Tote, and my trusty Philip Stein watch

My SoFA BFFs! (L-R: Dan C., Nicky R., Dan D.)

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