Sunday, January 9, 2011

All the women who are independent

...throw your hands up at me! 

My friend celebrated her 22nd birthday last Saturday by throwing a hotel party. My friends & I always come up with a theme for a party, and this time it was action-packed! Everyone came as either action stars or superheroes. I got really excited because I had lots of characters in mind. I wanted to be wonder woman, cat woman, bat girl and baroness! But it was more fun to collaborate with 2 of my best friends and become Charlie's Angels! 

Here's our peg for our costume: 

And this would be our own version! Natalie (Cameron), Alex (Lucy), & Dylan (Drew)! 

Good morning, Charlie! :) gimme chic points here

On other news, I finally got a free drink from my Loyaltea Card from Serenitea! I love love love Serenitea! It's this milk tea place in San Juan where they serve different flavors and concoctions of milk tea. You get to choose your toppings and your sugar level as well. It's recently my ultimate picker-upper!

My cousin/BFF, Reg, passed this on to me, thank you so much for my very first blog award! Hover on the link to visit her blog ;) 

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7things about me:
  1. 1.I am a shoe addict. It's my ultimate weakness, flats or sky high and nothing in between! 
  2. I am currently studying at School of Fashion & the Arts (but I'm done with college!).
  3. I enjoy longboarding.
  4. I am insanely afraid of cats.
  5. I worship Carrie Bradshaw.
  6. I am a licensed pre-school teacher.
  7. I'm still hoping for a Spice Girls reunion.

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  1. thanks beautiful! your outfit is just too fierce/hot for words!!! xx

  2. thanks love! can't wait to see you on school! xx

  3. I'm a pre-school teacher too! Love to read more about you, I'm a new follower, and expecting to see more from you soon, cute pictures, party must'e been lots of fun! ^^

  4. How awesome and cute!! I would have loved to dress up as Hit Girl from Kick Ass.

  5. @CessOviedo: You are? That's awesome! I shall follow you too, thanks for stopping by! :)

    @Giselle That would've been awesome, why didn't I think of that?! Haha! Go and throw an action-packed party with your friends too! It's super fun! :]

  6. Thanks Ingrid! Will blog/tweet about it soon! =D